Formed in 2012, Sparrohs is a Hot Rock band originating from Switzerland.

Our music focuses on truthful lyrics, hot content and hot energy, which is what makes our unique brand of music,

Hot Rock!

Founding members are Brian Phillips (New Zealander), the song writer, guitarist and vocalist along side Olive Brooke (Danish/Swiss) Lead Vocalist. In 2018 Sebastian Unfried (Austrian) joined as a cameraman, roadie, flag-bearer & promoter.

Soon followed by dancer Victoria Androuin (French).

With our first album, “Quintessential”, released in 2013, we now have 7 albums with the nr. 8 underconstruction and expected for release Autumn 2021. 

From Switzerland to Iceland, China to Australia SPARROHS music has travelled across the globe to over 50 countries.
Performing live, filming music videos and producing music that inspires.